Our Program who are in Memory.
Hello be thy Name.
Thy Operating System come.
Thy Commands be done at the Printer as it is on the Screen.
Give us this day our daily Data,
And forgive us our I/O errors
As we forgive those whose logic circuits are faulty.
Lead us not into frustration, and deliver us from Power Surges.

For Thine is the Algorithm,
The Application,
And the Solution
Looping forever and ever.

Well what do ya know

I have shared with you your laughter,
You have wet my fur with tears.
We've come to know each other
Throughout these many years.
Just one more hug this morning
Before you walk away,
And know I'll watch you from heaven
Throughout your busy day.

My Little Girl, Coonie
Nov. 1996 - Dec. 14, 2009

Not that I'm that interesting...

Hobbies/Interests: Photography, canoeing, tennis, swimming (I can usually be found close to a water source in the summer and now I have my very own indoor heated pool!), camping (I love remote sites as long as there's an outhouse!), gardening (herbs, veggies and flowers... Just keep me away from African Violets), pool, electronics, yoga, computers/programming, arch/paleontology (but I don't have as much to do with it as I'd like), and creative outlets in graphics / design / drawing and my Yamaha PSR-280.

Will eventually get around to: MOVING BACK TO OTTAWA! Rollerblading (without hanging on to something!), skating on the Canal (haven't done that in YEARS), going back to Vancouver, swimming with dolphins (doesn't everyone???), skiing (haven't done that in years either), and visiting the moon (Yes, I'm just kidding on that one). Read more...